I’ve worked in the casino industry for more than ten years as a certified casino dealer, floor manager, and pit boss. For more than three decades, I have also worked as an event planner. My idea for Elite Casino Events was to combine my two loves, parties and casino gaming. This site is here to assist you in picking out the top casino games for your casino night!

Those Three

Craps, roulette, and blackjack are collectively referred to as “The Big 3” in the casino industry since they are the three casino games that have stood the test of time. The Big 3 are played in almost every casino in the globe that is allowed by jurisdictional rules.

The earliest is craps, a dice game in which players stake on the results of two dice, which is played on a huge tub-shaped table. In the game of roulette, players bet on numbers in opposition to the house. The winning numbers for each round of play are determined by the spinning wheel and a ball known as a pill. The goal of blackjack, a card game in which players bet against beating the dealer (or house), is not to get 21 as most people believe. It’s more intricate than that, as I’ll go on to describe in a subsequent post on this blog. However, out of the three, blackjack is the most well-known. BJ, snapper, or 21 are all abbreviations or nicknames for blackjack, my favorite game, so let’s start there.

Blackjack is a smart move.

In this game, your goal is to outrank the dealer’s hand or, better yet, to force the dealer to draw a card in order for them to “bust,” or go over twenty-one. The dealer must draw on 16 and stand on 17 or better, according to the game’s rules. There are exceptions to this rule, such as “dealer draws on soft 17,” which includes an ace and a six. The dealer and each participant each receive two cards. The options available to players include staying, drawing a card, splitting those two cards, doubling down, and, in some casinos, “surrendering.” If a player plays this game using this style, there is a mathematical probability that gives them a.0367% edge, which is known as “basic strategy.” You may look it up online; at every event, Elite Casino Events gives its attendees simple strategy cards to help them learn how to play blackjack.

Various game variations

One deck, two decks, four, six, eight decks, or a continuous shuffler can all be used during play! There are more variations of blackjack games than individuals who attend church on Sunday, therefore the odds paid will change depending on the game. To provide as a point of reference, the most common variant of the game is “the dealer draws on 16, stands on 17.”

Everyone Benefits!

Blackjack is the casino game I recommend most for your casino party, and here’s why. In many respects, it’s a team sport because everyone is competing with the dealer or working together to win. Everyone has a hand to play, but eventually, players will work together (whether overtly or covertly) to undermine the dealer’s hand. Blackjack has numerous well-known variations, side bets, and regulations. But in every round of play, it’s “us” vs “dealer” in the end. This fosters teamwork and turns strangers into friends and coworkers into pals. The game is fairly simple, and you’ll meet new people through playing. When the dealer busts and everyone wins, excitement fills the table! Blackjack is a game that the majority of people feel comfortable playing, and in my opinion, it’s a necessity for your casino party! Book more blackjack games than anything else, for sure!

A game of numbers is roulette.

How much I adore this game. In 2007, I acquired the necessary skills at the Mountaineer Casino in Chester, West Virginia. Master mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel in France in the 17th century. Roulette, or the “small wheel” as it is known in French, was invented by Blaise Pascal with no intention of being a gambling game but rather a machine to maintain constant motion.

Fantastic casino game for your gathering at a casino

Similar to blackjack, there are many different ways to play roulette, as well as different ways to interpret the rules of the game and the odds offered. Different roulette wheels and layouts are available; some have two zeros, some have one, and some have none at all. The majority of game layouts provide a variety of options for placing bets on the single numbers 1 through 36, as well as on groups of numbers, combinations of numbers, brackets of numbers, outside bets on odd or even, black/red, sections and columns of numbers, and combinations of these. I advise the majority of my “newbie gamers” to compare playing roulette to winning the lottery. It’s that easy. Pick numbers that are significant to you, such as lucky numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, your home address, your social security number, or your wedding date.

Facts, history, and advice about roulette.

Children, teenagers, and adults may all pick up how to play roulette very quickly. The player’s only option in this game is to select the numbers or number combinations they want to bet on. This game is popular worldwide and, unlike blackjack, has no set rules or strategy. There are “parts” of the roulette wheel that you can play, some people will argue. They may also claim to have a “system” for the outside. In my ten years working at the casino, I’ve never witnessed someone make a sizable victory at a roulette table. In 30 minutes, I’ve witnessed folks gain or lose the cost of a house playing blackjack.

Even the game’s designer, math genius Blaise Pascal, is said to have killed himself because he was unable to defeat his own creation. Rumor has it that his passing is where the phrase “Russian Roulette” derives from. Another interesting fact about casinos: in the gambling industry, the roulette wheel is referred to as “the Devils’ wheel” since the sum of all the numbers on the layout is 666. Amazing, huh? Therefore, roulette is a fantastic choice for your casino party’s casino games! It’s quite simple to play, doesn’t involve much strategic thinking, and makes wonderful party decor! For every 50 people, you should reserve at least 1 roulette table.

The ruler.

The most popular dice game, craps includes a variety of entertaining and thrilling variations. As my craps instructor Johnny Petrovich used to say, “Craps is about two numbers, and only two numbers.” Once you eliminate all other probabilities from your thoughts, the game becomes simple. He was accurate. In the game of craps, there can only be one winner and one loser; everyone else is merely noise. One winner and one loser is a fundamental idea that most people find amusing as they learn to enjoy and play “the noise” that is made up of field bets, hardways, place bets, odds, lays, hops, crap checks, yo’s, horns, whirls, and other wagers. Indeed, there is a ton more!

Games of chance, Big Daddy!

Is craps a suitable game to play at a casino party? The answer I give is yes, it is! But before you reserve a craps table, think about a few things. What age range comprises your group? Is your event a sizable or modest gathering? Can your athletes stand for several hours to play? These inquiries are crucial since learning the fast-paced game of craps would demand patience and strong listening skills. Learning to play craps requires communication with the dealer because it is a verbal game rather than a visual one. Craps, in my opinion, also performs well in smaller groups of 50 to 70 individuals. The learning curve for this game increases when it is played at a larger event because the game is dominated by season players, which makes it scary for beginners. Craps is without a doubt a terrific choice of casino games for your casino party, though I’d first take into account your guest list and RSVPs.

Yo! A newcomer has arrived in town!

Another casino party game, comparable to craps, that Elite Casino Events only offers is perhaps more appropriate for children, the elderly, beginning players, and younger players. It’s known as Yo! Yo! is a brand-new game that is visual rather than spoken, with fewer betting options and less “noise.” Due to the layout’s color-coordinated design, players can pick it up fast with little to no dealer guidance. Yo! is ideal for beginner players or those who might feel overwhelmed by all of “the commotion” that occurs during a craps game. Some of your favorite US casinos have this game installed and are currently accepting players that enjoy playing it, which was made by Dawn & William Takacs Jr. of Elite Casino Events LLC. Making a dice game that was easier to understand, play, and deal for casino dealers was the sole idea behind the creation of the game. Find out more about the dice game Yo!

Consequently, how do you pick the ideal casino games for your casino party?

The “Big 3” casino games are always a good choice, but you should think carefully about your guests before making a reservation! While Texas Hold’em poker and craps are popular games among young and older men, they might not be the ideal options for a ladies luncheon or a bat mitzvah! Blackjack, roulette, and simple-to-learn games like Yo! are favorites among women. Kids and teens both like learning all the different poker versions and how to play Yo! extremely quick Consider the age, gender, and demographics of your attendees before sitting down and meticulously constructing your list. Nothing is more depressing than having a casino party when nobody is playing because the casino games you have chosen are not the proper balance. Because many casino party businesses will sell you games you don’t need, be aware of the sales pitch and tune it out. Go over your guest list in detail, then follow my advise. You’ll host a successful event if you pick the greatest casino games for your casino party and match them to your visitors’ preferences. I hope this aids with your casino party preparations! In order for everyone to win, Elite Casino Events is here to assist you in throwing a 5-star event.