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Sports Event Management

From anticipating the needs of our clients–to working within budgets–and everything in between–our goal is to provide the highest quality of service possible.

Housing Management

    No-cost, hassle-free housing solution ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction for event participants.

  • Maximize Revenue

    Delivering an array of housing options to optimize roomblock utilization and drive greater revenues and profits.
  • Real-time Block monitoring

    Event organizers, hoteliers, and cities can monitor real-time housing activity.
  • Brand Integration

    Customized registration websites to extend brand visibility for the event and sponsors.
  • Elevated Service Levels

    Readily accessible personalized Customer Care Team top deliver an exceptional participant experience.
  • City Engagement

    Leveraging relationships with cities to facilitate entry and collaboration in different markets.

Site Selection

    Leveraging relationships to deliver a completely customized hospitality and venue package for your event.

  • Analysis and Selection Services

    Complete orchestration of international, national, or local event hospitality packages to include venue, hotels, and more.
  • Venue, Hotel, and Site Identification

    Our 26+ annual events worth of knowledge, industry relationships, and buying power provide in-depth and affordable venue and hotel options.
  • Contract and Concession Negotiation

    Once an event package is identified, we negotiate rates and concessions and fully facilitate the contracting process.
  • Meeting and Event Volume Leveraging

    Rest assured that you're getting the best deal available with the expertise and purchasing-power that comes with PSA booking hotels and venues for over 5,000 events annually.
  • Domestic and International Services

    We've placed, planned, and operated events in over 56 countries and our relationships span the globe.

Event Management

    Bringing an integrated platform of solutions to your side as an extension of your staff.

  • On-site Support

    Resources are often limited in the event world. PSA is prepared to mobilize it’s team from around the country to partner with you in event setup or tear down, A/V needs, volunteer coordination, etc.
  • Event Planning and Design

    Successful events are dependent upon sound design aligned with clear objectives and measures. Our team helps facilitate the process and execute against the plan.
  • Robust Registration Platform

    Online registration is the minimum expectation. Finding ways to include commerce and community from the very onset will help maximize revenue and create an extraordinary experience.
  • Equipment and Sport Court Sourcing

    Having nationwide relationships in the event world enables us to source necessary equipment to pull off a successful event.
  • Sponsorship Integration

    Work with sponsor partners to integrate them into the event, fulfill contractual requirements and provide a high level of customer service.

Event Enhancement

    The experience at an event goes well beyond the activity itself.

  • On-site Concierge

    Arranging restaurant reservations for the entire team or learning what local attractions can be seen in a four-hour block of “down-time” can be handled at the competition site with a member of our Customer Care Team.
  • Entertainment and Special Events

    Live concerts, induction ceremonies, opening & closing ceremonies all fall within the purview of the PSA team, and will be tied to your objectives.
  • Fun Zones

    Family travel becomes less stressful when there’s a fun, interactive, educational, and fully staffed set of activities for siblings of participants to engage in.
  • VIP Support

    Details make all the difference when extending hospitality to very important guests. Let our team of experienced professionals take the burden off your hands so you can sleep at night knowing each individual need is being addressed.
  • Visual Enhancements

    Knowing there’s only one opportunity to make a first impression, making it count really does matter. PSA will engage our creative team to leave a lasting impression on all your attendees.

Media & Technology

    Low-cost technology solutions yielding a greater degree of participant engagement and potential sponsorship assets.

  • Live Interactive Feedback

    Leverages mobile devices to gather real-time feedback via surveys and questionnaires.
  • Video Montage Made Easy

    Simply supply the photos, video footage, and/or music and let technology do the rest. This program reads music tempo and creates a slideshow/video to match.
  • TweeterBoard

    A Tweeter board can be incorporated as a discussion forum at your live event, simplifying communication via screens and hashtags.
  • RFID

    RFID can be used to streamline registration, manage VIP access, provide attendee identification, create an interactive experience, and also capture data for analysis in real time.
  • Mobile Applications

    A variety of mobile applications can be utilized to engage participants while on site. Apps allow participants to receive event-specific discount offers, or be used to distribute event schedules or other event specific information.

Design & Production

    Our full service in-house design and production team creates custom eye catching graphics that drive and engage participants.

  • Corporate and Event Branding

    Boring, flat, stale? Looking for a fresh new approach to connect with your clients? Need that something extra that builds excitement and gets the attention you're looking for? We can deliver on all fronts. From concept to fruition our corporate and event branding offers a solid, clean message built to engage.
  • Marketing Campaigns

    Navigating the complex waters of marketing campaigns can be unsettling for anyone. Working with people who have sailed these waters before makes your voyage a smooth one. As your partner, we develop and integrate a carefully crafted messaging strategy that is both unique and powerful for maximum effectiveness.
  • Website Design

    From desktop to mobile, we take an innovative, code-standards based approach in creating your online presence. We design and develop every project to capture and engage your target audience in a meaningful and impactful manner.
  • Printing and Production

    The years of experience may show on our faces, but the energy and dedication we bring to produce quality products keeps us young. There are no jobs too small, no jobs too large; we produce the highest quality print materials in a wide range of formats.
  • Event and Tradeshow Displays

    Our creative team crafts the most dynamic and engaging event and trade show displays. We partner with you to create an extraordinary experience second to none. Your imagination is our blueprint, let us be your builder. 

Partner City Alliance

    Investigating the variety of ways to work with cities, venues, and the local community to maximize impact.

  • Multi-tiered Promotion Campaign

    Design and implement promotion plans around events to maximize opportunities for brand engagement and awareness.
  • Social Media Integration

    Partnering together to develop social media initiatives to all stakeholders fostering increased awareness, visibility, and connectivity around events.
  • Increased Member Exposure

    Aligning objectives with identified community resources to give back to host communities and establish legacy programs.
  • Additional Revenue Streams

    Coupling event participation with revenue capture programs to creatively find ways to increase realized revenue through incentives and local merchant promotions.
  • Signature Event Placement

    Leveraging relationships with cities to facilitate entry and collaboration in different markets.

Event Footprint

    Optimize the ideal competitive footprint to maximize participation with safety and municipality codes.

  • Venue Layouts

    Indoor and outdoor competitive footprints delivered to meet your specific need.
  • Spectator Movement

    Design optimal flow patterns for spectators, sponsors, exhibitors, and competitors leveraging all available space.
  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Positioning

    Sponsors' return on investment begins with engagement. Customize your footprint to ensure optimum visibility and opportunity for interaction.
  • Registration and Entrance Solutions

    This first impression can make all the difference. Design a registration area that allows ease of access and excites the mind about what lies ahead.
  • Competition and Results Staging

    An array of options are necessary to display result, maintain key competition accessibility, and maximize visibility/broadcast opportunities.

Attendance Promotion

    Consistently finding ways to help our partners increase the capture rate in their events.

  • Strategic Attendance Promotion Campaign

    Leaning on decades of industry experience, PSA designs customized programs to drive numbers and support our partners’ efforts.
  • Customized Hospitality Packages

    Amenities and offerings vary as much as the participants themselves. We are committed to blending the appropriate inventory from full service hotels to dorms and RV sites.
  • Relationship Development

    The building of genuine relationships is at the very core of what we do, and makes the difference between an average and an extraordinary experience.
  • Value Maximization

    Our pre-negotiated concessions, amenities, discounts, coupons, and special offers helps create maximum value from a participant’s hospitality experience.
  • Loyalty Programs

    Growing out of the integration of a relationship-centered hospitality solution with expense reducing values, loyalty is the outcome of running the race well.

RFP Management

    A blended approach to managing the RFP process combining tried-and-true with the new-and-valuable.

  • Environmental Assessment

    The history of an event is key and requires research into past hotels, cities, and other relevant information.
  • Internal Assessment

    Listening to you, your team, and the members/participants is a critical step in developing a site strategy.
  • Streamlined Submission Process

    While a standardized RFP distribution and collection methodology ensures a fair comparison of all options, no two events are the same and the RFP will be customized specific to your needs.
  • Local Community Solicitation

    A local community’s creative involvement can yield significant results. RFP’s are crafted to highlight the distinctions between the local stakeholders.

Social Connection

    Setting specific space aside to enhance the participant and spectator experience and keep them connected to the rest of the world.

  • TweetSeat

    Imagine an area with cameras, internet connectivity, and computers to allow participants to share the thrill of the event with their closest friends and family.
  • Cooldown Cornerv

    Mats, physio balls, stretch bands, relaxation classes, and mini-massages offered for athletes to unwind after competition.
  • Cooking Demos and Nutritional Consulting

    Ideas and recipes shared by professionals and athletes for keeping the competitive edge.
  • App Zone

    Designed to maximize sponsor and participant interaction, this area allows the exchange of new ideas and personal app favorites along with scheduled demos.
  • Recovery Zone

    Juice, smoothies, coffee, and teas all designed with an inviting atmosphere, games, internet stations, and a newspaper stand.