Your Individual Checklist for Thanksgiving Planning

Not sure where to begin when hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Relax: with our week-by-week list of tasks, getting ready for the holiday is simple. It can be challenging to get everything planned and finished on time if you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time—or even the hundredth time. How far in advance should I place my […]

For Your Casino Party, the Best Casino Games!

I’ve worked in the casino industry for more than ten years as a certified casino dealer, floor manager, and pit boss. For more than three decades, I have also worked as an event planner. My idea for Elite Casino Events was to combine my two loves, parties and casino gaming. This site is here to […]

Event Makeups Tips

High drama is required for evening makeup, with a little glitter, eyes that jump, and sensuous lips. You should pull out your best lip, eye, and complexion products to create a midnight look that will turn heads and make you feel like a glam goddess rather than going au naturel (unless that’s your preference). We […]